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Burger Bracket: Brindle, Korzo, Pork Slope, Schnipper's

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Brindle Room,

It's time once again to vote in The Ultimate Burger Bracket to determine New York's Most Awesome Hamburger. This round is where the wildcards come into play. On Monday, Eater asked for suggestions for the vacant slots in the Fancypants and Budget Burger divisions. After poring over comments and reader emails, the burger from Korzo has been selected for the Fancypants Division and the cheeseburger from Pork Slope has been picked for the Budget Burger Division. These were the two burgers that were most frequently and passionately recommended by readers. Right now, they will go up against the steakhouse burger from the Brindle Room (Fancypants) and the cheeseburger from Schnipper's Quality Kitchen (Budget). Let the games begin:

Budget Division:

Poll results

Fancypants Division:

Poll results

UPDATE: Polls are closed. Here's the current state of the bracket:
Voting will continue tomorrow morning.

Pork Slope

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