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Want to Go to the Burger Fiesta? Tweet an Eater Burger Pic

The BrisketTown sliders by <a href="https://twitter.com/mcvities11/status/324238981900414976/photo/1">@Mcvities11</a>.
The BrisketTown sliders by @Mcvities11.

All throughout Burger Week, Eater readers have been ordering the seven special Eater Burgers and sharing photos of them on Twitter. Here are a few pictures of the burger specials out in the wild. Many of them area available for lunch, right now. Tweet a picture of an Eater Burger to @eaterny, for a chance to win a ticket to the Burger Week Fiesta at the brand-new Burger Joint on Eighth Street tomorrow afternoon.

Here's a guide to where you can find the special Eater Burgers:

Here are the Burger Week-exclusive burgers:

[The L'Apicio Burger]

L'Apicio: Chef Gabe Thompson has created a L'Apicio Burger made with a 10-ounce beef patty topped with pickled shallots, Fontina cheese, and Dijonnaise sauce on a sesame seed bun. It comes with a side of Tuscan fries for $20. Available for dinner and brunch through Sunday.

[The Rosemary's Burger]
Rosemary's: Wade Moises is serving a patty made of skirt steak, guanciale, and prosciutto. It's served with smoked onion puree, escarole, and homemade ketchup-style sauce on Rosemary's foccacia. The burger comes with fried chickpeas, warm olives, and housemade pickled vegetables. Available at lunch.

Commerce: This week, Commerce is serving a burger that's made with a six-ounce patty of Pat LaFrieda beef. The meat is grilled on a plancha, and served on a soft dinner roll with homemade bread and butter pickles, and American cheese. Chef Harold Moore explains: "I love fancy cheese but in this instance I think American is the best. The cheese and burger with a little ketchup create a synergy that can't be replicated with other cheeses. This burger is very, very good." Offered from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. through Friday for $13. Commerce will also serve this burger at lunch on Friday and Saturday.

BrisketTown: Daniel Delaney is making a traditional slider. The chef explains: "No frills or bullshit. Fresh ground beef, onions, American cheese, pickles, steamed bun." It's available for $3 during lunch (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) through Friday.

Rubirosa: Chef Al Di Meglio is serving a burger made with two apple wood-smoked beef patties, aged Provolone cheese, crispy basil onion rings, and Sriracha "special sauce," on a Parisi seeded semolina bun. It comes with fries at lunch and dinner through Friday for $16.

[Veritas Burger]
Veritas: Chef Sam Hazen is serving four sliders made with a special Pat LaFrieda beef blend. Each burger is topped with cippolini onions and grated Point Reyes blue cheese, plus cornichons. The buns get a showering of grated cheese, too. The burgers come with thick, Pont-Neuf fries topped with duck cracklings. Available at the bar for $16 per order.

[The Maharlika Buger]

Maharlika: This week during dinner, Maharlika is serving a special burger made with a pork patty that's seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and brown sugar. It comes on a challah bun with Bagoong mayo, lettuce, tomato, and papaya atchara, plus a side of kamote fries for $14.
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