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Burger Bracket: Shake Shack, Bill's, B & B, Spotted Pig

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Shake Shack, Bill's Burger, ,

Voting begins right now on The Ultimate New York Burger Bracket to determine New York's Most Awesome Hamburger. We start with two heats. In the Budget Burger Division, the Shackburger from Danny Meyer's beloved Shake Shack enterprise goes up against the Bill's Burger from Steve Hanson's wildly successful Bill's Bar & Burger chain. Both use Pat LaFrieda meat. Both of them are fast-food style burgers. Both are beloved by the masses, and pretty darn cheap, to boot. But most New Yorkers prefer one over the other. Make your vote count down below.

In the Fancypants Burger Division, the Spotted Pig Burger goes up against the Bash-Style Burger from B & B. These are two monster, over-the-top burgers that are both adored by Downtown diners. One is topped with Roquefort cheese. The other is topped with simple, but satisfying American cheese. Both of them come with fries, but only one of them has fries plus big, fat, delicious onion rings. If you have a preference, state it down below.

It's about to get sloppy:

Budget Division:

Poll results

Fancypants Division:

Poll results

UPDATE: Polls are closed. Here's how the bracket is looking so far:

Bill's Bar & Burger

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