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Legends of Le Bern

ericripert.jpgJennifer Carroll debunks the myth that burns are a sign of a seasoned chef, and tells Zagat about the nifty trick Eric Ripert used at Le Bernardin to teach chefs to be more careful: "If a cook burned their arms, they had to duct tape their coat sleeves to their wrists for the entire evening. Which is horribly uncomfortable - it gets really sweaty in there with no air circulation." [Zagat via Eater National] UPDATE: Eric Ripert sends in a response:

From the Ripper: "The reason why we ask our cooks to cover their arms is to protect themselves from further hurting themselves. When someone is burned badly, we remove them from the line and treat the burns accordingly and seek medical attention if needed. No one at Le Bernardin has ever asked anyone in the kitchen to duct tape their sleeves — this is highly inaccurate and offensive."

Le Bernardin

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