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Schnipper's, 5 Napkin, and The Counter by the Numbers

How much volume does a high-volume burger place actually do? How much beef and many gallons of ice cream does Schnipper's Quality Kitchen go through? How many burgers does The Counter sell to Times Square visitors? And exactly how many napkins does 5 Napkin Burger go through?

Two years ago, Burger Week brought the numbers for Shake Shack, Bill's, and Burger Joint. This year, it's three other burger spots in the latest installment of BURGERS BY THE NUMBERS.

2013_4_schnippers.jpgSCHNIPPER'S QUALITY KITCHEN

Pounds of beef sold: 1,800 per week at 41st Street, 1,000 per week at 23rd.
Meat supplier: Pat LaFrieda
Gallons of Schnipper Sauce: 50 gallons per week (across both locations)
Pounds of bacon sold: 41st Street: 200 per week; 23rd Street: 150 per week
Pounds of French fries sold: 41st Street: 2,500 per week; 23rd Street: 1,800 per week
Pounds of American cheese sold: 41st Street: 250 per week; 23rd Street: 180 per week
Most popular burger: Cheeseburger with everything
Most popular non-burger menu item: Chicken fingers and fries
Number of milkshakes sold: 41st Street: 2,500 per week; 23rd Street: 1,800 per week
Most popular milkshake: Salted caramel
Gallons of ice cream sold: 41st Street: 250 per week; 23rd Street: 200 per week

2013_4_TheCounter.jpgTHE COUNTER, TIMES SQUARE

Most popular burger: 1/3-pound build-your-own-beef burger
Burgers sold: 7,000 per week
Pounds of meat sold: 3,000 per week
Most popular sauce: Barbecue
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles sold: 750 pounds of lettuce, 750 pounds of onions, 1,000 pounds of tomatoes, and 400 pickles, per week.
Most popular shake: Banana Split
Potatoes: 1,600 pounds per week
Cheese used: 5,000 slices per week
Most popular cheese: Yellow American

2013_4_5NapkinHK.png5 NAPKIN, HELL'S KITCHEN

Number of burgers sold: 5,500 beef and non-beef burgers per week
Pounds of beef sold: 2,785 pounds per week
Gallons of ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc: 320 gallons per week
Pounds of onions: 900 pounds per week
Potatoes: 3,800 pounds Idaho potatoes per week
Amount of cheese sold: 100 pounds imported Gruyere per week
Most popular burger: The signature 5 Napkin Burger: 10-ounce beef with Gruyere, caramelized onions & rosemary aioli.
Most popular non-burger item: Fish Taco
Number of napkins used: 12,000 napkins per week
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Schnipper's Quality Kitchen

23 E. 23rd St., New York, NY