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BrisketTown is Coming to The High Line, Starting April 18

Daniel Krieger

On April 18, Daniel Delaney will bring the barbecue he's earned a following for at Williamsburg's BrisketTown to The High Line. Delaney announced the project, SmokeLine, on his website late last night. SmokeLine will be a seasonal cart on the 15th Street stretch of the park that will focus on sandwiches and ribs. "Instead of carving giant slabs of meat," Delaney tells Eater, "[these will be] things you can eat with one hand while enjoying the park." There will be pork, beef, and — exclusively for SmokeLine — lamb ribs. The sandwich menu includes brisket and pulled pork.

Delaney has also picked up a fryer for SmokeLine, which he doesn't have over at his Brooklyn shop. So, expect garnishes like crispy chicharrones to sit atop your fried cheese sandwich (cheese curated by the Bedford Cheese Shop). In addition to the sandwiches and ribs, SmokeLine will be making soft drinks to order using blends from local soda makers. Delaney also promises an extensive pie program — something he's already been pushing at the Williamsburg brick and mortar — which he says "will get even more awesome" at The High Line over the summer.

SmokeLine will open from April 18 to October 18. For a recent Eater interview with Delaney, see here.

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SmokeLine at The High Line

210 10th Ave., New York, NY