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April Fools' Day Jokes From Food52, Robicelli's, and More

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The web is already cluttered with April Fools' Day pranks, most of which are not funny. But a few bloggers put in the extra effort to craft solid joke posts. Here's a roundup of the best so far:

· Tribeca Citizen gets word that the Denny's across the street from City Hall will have a "craft cocktail program," and that David Bouley has a new project in the works: "¡Que rico! David Bouley tells Florence Fabricant of the New York Times that he's fallen 'head over heels' for Mexican food—and he's actively working on a taqueria concept for an undisclosed Tribeca location! ('Like Chipotle, but with flavor,' he said.)" [Tribeca Citizen]

· Fork in the Road contributor "Francois Soupcon" interviews Sanford O'Sheiss of the Olde Gowanus Brewery: "[W]e're using canal water to brew our beers. It's like that Rocky Mountain spring water they use to brew Coors, only it's pure canal water. It gives our beers a distinctive flavor, and we feel like we're being environmentally progressive to use that water rather than demanding the city give us water. It was so easy, we just put a hose into the canal, and got the suction going." [FitR]

· Robicelli's makes the switch from cupcakes to artisan deviled eggs: "Just know that this is only the beginning, folks! This is still Robicelli's, and just because we've moved from baked goods to devilled eggs doesn't mean we're radically altering our business. In fact, we currently have a menu that features over 460 varieties of devilled egg! About 230 of them are just with crumbled bacon, but each one is a bacon from a different farm so it counts." [Robicelli's]

· And, perhaps best of all, Food52 has turned itself into Food 1852, with a recipe for "61-Day Dry-Aged, Sous-Vide, Bone-in Chipmunk Steak," a listicle titled "7 Hot New Porridges," and a Q & A session with "A Couple of Bearded Guys." [Food52]

Nothing will ever beat the great In-N-Out hoax of 2010. But if you spy any other food-related April Fools' Day pranks that are actually funny, let us know.
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