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Leyla Restaurant, Caffe Buon Gusto, and More Shutter

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1) West Village: The phone line's been disconnected, the Open Table account is inactive, and the windows are covered up at Leyla in the West Village. Looks like the Mediterranean restaurant is done for good. [Zagat Buzz]

2) East Village: Caffe Buon Gusto has apparently been shuttered for a little while now, reports EV Grieve. The Italian restaurant on Avenue B opened last spring. [EV Grieve]

3) Park Slope: Coffee shop Noella Brew Bar shuttered at the beginning of this month. No word yet on what will take over that space. [Facebook via Here's Park Slope]

4) Park Slope: And nearby, Canaille Bistro at 78 Fifth Ave has also shuttered. [Here's Park Slope]

5) Cobble Hill: The "ecologically-friendly" coffee shop Ecopolis Café on Smith Street is dunzo. [Pardon Me For Asking]


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