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Shills for The Cleveland, Cherry, Rogue and Canon, More

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which Eater fights shilling the best way possible, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to


Once again, Eater sets sail on another conquest to find shills across the Webosphere, this time for Cherry, Rogue and Canon, Cole's Greenwich Village, The Cleveland, Boulton & Watt, and Hudson Common. Here's the booty from the most recent adventure:

Something seems a little fishy with this review of The Cleveland from first-time Yelper, Hannah L.:

Went here for dinner last night and the food tasted incredible! We started with the risotto & butternut squash which were delicious, and I had the steak to follow which was cooked perfectly and melted in my mouth. Desserts are very unique and like the other menu options, the chef does a great job blending many flavors together. Overall ambiance was very trendy. I was surprised to see it was only open for a little over a month. Can't wait to go back!

Shill Probability: 75 percent.

This lengthy review of Boulton & Watt by Augustine P. seems like an inside job:

Came here twice and has already become one of my favorite neighborhood spots. I can talk about atmosphere/food/price, but I don't think that would be necessary since most of the previous reviews already mention how fantastic the setting is, how incredible/consistent the food and drinks are, and how affordable this place is. Don't get me wrong, the atmosphere/food/price were ALL fantastic, but for me, the impeccable and personable service make this place so great.

Isabel was there both times when I visited and greeted me with my name and a great smile the second time I came. She was genuinely glad to see me, and even brought up some of the stuff that we had talked about during my first visit! Isabel instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable. Sam (or Sammy?) who was one of the bartenders the first night I visited is also welcoming, attentive, and HARDWORKING--the bar wasn't even that busy that night, but instead of standing around and not doing anything like I usually see bartenders doing at other places, she was engaging with other customers and keeping busy. Also, her beer pouring skills are spot on haha :)

Lastly, on our second visit, Quin was our waiter and he was extremely attentive and absolutely phenomenal. He was articulate and extremely well-versed in explaining all the beer options and how they each taste to my friend who couldn't decide. When I couldn't decide what sauce I could dip my fries in, he brought out three samples for me to try without me even asking for them. Our food arrived on time, our plates were taken away on time, and our check was given to us on time. We were asked twice (when we started the meal, and midway during the meal) if everything was okay. My friend and I felt as though we were really taken care of, but not hovered over.

It's great when you instantly connect with the staff--it just makes the whole entire dining experience x10 better!

Shill Probability: 75 percent

Taking things to another level is the innovative tag-team shill, on a post about Boulton & Watt, courtesy of these two Eater commenters:

The food is oddly good. I gotta give this place props.

Me too...I thought it would suck!! Best mac n cheese I have ever had.

Shill Probability: 80 percent.

The red flags are up on Newbie Y.'s shilly review of Rogue and Canon:

I happened upon Rogue and Canon most serendipitously and so glad I did. When I arrived I was instantly greeted by the friendly staff who seemed genuine. I was seated and immediately was taken in by the ambiance of the warmly lit space I felt to be an instant classic. The service was excellent. My drink order was taken soon after I arrived and the server made perfect recommendations for me. To be honest, I don't see how I could have gone wrong, between the inventive drinks (kudos to the cocktail maestro) and food which I enjoyed very much as did my wallet. The owner was extremely kind and seemed genuinely appreciative I was there, as he spent some time to greet me and welcome me. I will definitely be back here and will call Rogue and Canon a favorite. There is something here for everyone, I'm sure it will soon be a neighborhood favorite, as well.

Shill Probability: 93 percent.

As well as their review for sister restaurant Cole's Greenwich Village, thankfully filtered by Yelp:

Love it, love it, love it here! My new Village hangout! Excellent service with a smile. Atmosphere so cool. Separate, and very happening, bar area from dining. The food was delightful. I had the Hudson Valley Apple Crostini, my friend had the Kabocha Squash Ravioli. We ordered the Plancha Crisped Chicken and Cole Burger and Brussel Sprouts and Bacon. We shared all plates and everything was divine! The service was fast and friendly. We did not feel hurried and the staff seemed genuine. They obviously took pride in their restaurant and wanted us to feel the same. I will be back again this week for dinner and drinks with more friends.

Shill Probability: 93 percent.

This Eater commenter sneaks in some questionable words on the newly opened French-influence Japanese restaurant, Cherry:

They did a really good job remodeling the place. Great ambiance. The food was just delicious. The uni poached egg and the foie gras and shortribs gyoza are to die for. If you are a foody you must check this place out.

Shill Probability: 95 percent.

But it doesn't get any easier than the 'ol name give-away, apropos of Eater commenter "gailpr":

sounds nice love the design fun menu can't wait to check it out

Shill Probability: 98 percent.

And ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new age of shilling: ironic shilling, as exhibited by one Eater commenter's diatribe of Hudson Common:

This is the best restaurant I've ever eaten at. No lie, it's packed every night with models and movie stars and the burgers are better than Spotted Pig and cost half the price! Why not stop by and eat alongside the rich and famous glitterati of Manhattan!!! Come soon!

Shill Probability: ???

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