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Park Slopers now Have the Kosher French Bistro They Didn't Know They Needed

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Belleville was not the most noteworthy restaurant in Park Slope. It was an sometimes-okay, occasionally-troubled French bistro that flirted with shutter for years. It was sold to new owners last year, who had continued to operate it under the same name and concept, but realized last month that was maybe not the best idea, deciding to close for a brief revamp. It's reopened this week as a new kosher French bistro called Chagall Bistro.

Park Slope Stoop reports that Jean-Claude Teulade is in the kitchen at Chagall Bistro. Teulade is an alum of the famed, dearly-departed French heavy-hitter La Côte Basque, working more recently at Lamazou.

The menu has appetizers in the mid-teens and entrées like roasted salmon and chicken fricasse mostly in the twenties, and it's all certified kosher by OK Kosher Certification. They're pretty serious about that, so it's closed Fridays and Saturdays for shabbat.
· Chagall Bistro Is Open for Business [PSP via HPS]