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Neighbors Take EMM to Court Over Noise From Finale

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The people that live above Bow, Finale, and The General are taking EMM Group to court to put an end to the noise emanating from the space. The Daily News reports that a team of condo owners at 199 Bowery filed papers with the Manhattan Supreme Court saying that the SLA violated state laws by granting a liquor license to EMM for this project.

Before the club opened, the CB3 voted to deny the club a liquor license unless the SLA could make them play "ambient background music" inside the space. EMM allegedly lied to the SLA and said that the CB gave them approval without any caveats. To break a rule about allowing new liquor licenses in the area, the SLA had to determine that the project was needed in the community, but as the court papers note: "There is no analysis why the (State Liquor Authority) believed this mega club is needed." The members of the condo board allegedly hired a noise expert who determined that the decibel level was four times the limit allowed by the city.

The EMM Group has not responded to the lawsuit. This news comes after a series of tussles with the CB3 over the noise coming from Finale and Bow.
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