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The Single Item Menu Trend Is Alive and Well at Slide

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Great news for fans of tiny sandwiches: a new Bleecker Street restaurant called Slide is opening today with a menu full of sandwiches that are so small that you could perform magic tricks with them. In addition to fried chicken and pork belly sliders, Slide also offers versions made with wild boar, fried Brussels sprouts, ostrich, and other things that you never wanted to eat between two mini buns. Slide also has a quasi-celebrity chef as a consultant: Madison Cowan, who appeared on Chopped and Iron Chef. Three sliders will cost you $15 to $20.

The gimmicky single item menu trend has seen a small resurgence with the recent openings of places like Sweet Chick (chicken and waffles), La Maison du Croque Monsieur (Croque Monsieur), Iconic Handrolls (hand rolls) and Dolce Vizio (tiramisu). If the trend continues this way, New York might even see a pizza cone revival.
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174 Bleecker St., New York, NY