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10 Vital Details About Carbone, the Torrisi Boys' Newest

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A recent photo sent in by a neighbor

Rich Torrisi, Mario Carbone, and Jeff Zalaznick of Torrisi Italians Specialties and Parm are hard at work on a pair of new restaurants, Carbone and The Lobster Club. Carbone, an old-school Italian joint, is coming very, very soon. Here's 10 things you need to know:

10) It's designed on the model of 1950s-era Italian-American restaurants.
9) "You could place your order right now, because you know the menu."
8) The walls are covered in art curated by Vito Schnabel.
7) Servers' uniforms will consist of vintage vests and tuxedos by fashion designer Zac Posen.

6) The menu will have linguine with clams, made with baby clams from South Carolina, Montauk littlenecks, and razor clams (but will it rival Esca's?).
5) The carrot cake is served in semi-circles.
4) House-dried oregano is the "heartbeat of the restaurant."
3) Its counterpart, The Lobster Club, isn't going to open for another month-and-a-half.
2) The floor tiles are based on a scene from The Godfather.
1) It opens this Friday.

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