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Soho House Pulls Out of Community Board 3 Meeting

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The owners of Soho House have withdrawn their application from next month's community board meeting for their proposed expansion in the Lower East Side. As you may recall, they did the same thing back in February. Soho House management has been conducting a series of open houses and outreach campaigns hoping to get the community on board with their proposal, but apparently CEO Nick Jones and his team must have felt that the support wasn't there yet. How did they figure that out?

Rather than go to the CB meeting and get rejected, the club will now spend more time "conducting outreach" to try and pull the neighborhood in their direction. The owners of Soho House have brought on some additional consultants to smooth their path and may even hold a town hall meeting to try and address concerns, but one thing they won't be doing is giving up. And why would they? They already bought the building and have the resources available to put towards getting the approvals they need to open. But for now, the city and all of the creative members who live in the Lower East Side have to wait a bit longer. Boo hoo.
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