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The 10 Best Lines From the Post's Arlington Club Story


Arlington Club, the clubby Upper East Side steakhouse by Laurent Tourondel and the Tao Group, got two stars from Pete Wells in January but has inspired mixed reactions from others. It's becoming clear, though, that to judge Arlington Club as a regular old steakhouse is just wrong. It's so much more than that: it is, really, the hottest new spot for sexy 40- and 50-year-old singles to mix and mingle.

At least that's the case according to a profile in the Post. Here's the 10 best lines:

1) "'It's a total divorce place,' one patron is overheard saying. That, or quite possibly the classiest frat party on the Upper East Side."

2) "'It's the new spot. You get our age here,' says [Melissa] Kraut, a sex therapist."

3) "It's a major hookup scene."

4) "Susan Wahl is licking her lips. Not for the slabs of meat — Wahl, a 50-something sales rep who lives in Midtown, is a vegetarian. No, she's watching the gentlemen chowing down on cuts of porterhouse and Wagyu beef."

5) "I'm single and looking for a man — the men are the meat."

6) "Likewise, femme fatale and twice-divorced grandma Jane Scher, 58, has a pretty good batting average during her four times per week visits here; she's met three guys she's dated 'but no one I fell in love with.'"

7) "There are a lot of successful businessmen who are no longer clubbing, but looking for an established woman. They know this is a successful crowd."

8) "Scher's playing cat and mouse with apparel exec Peter Clark, 56, another regular who enjoys the eye candy — so much so that he and his ex-wife alternate nights at the Arlington."

9) "On a recent visit to the steakhouse, one man's wedding band fell out of his pocket and bounced onto the brick floor at Shari Reimer's feet."

10) "There are married guys looking for a bad situation here."
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Arlington Club

1032 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021 212 249 5700