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Denny's Plans to Open First NYC Location Near City Hall

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New York already has a slew of new 7-Elevens, IHOPs, Pinkberrys, and Subways, but there's always room for one more mega-chain restaurant in this city. DNAinfo reports that Denny's, home to the Moons Over My Hammy Omelette™, plans to open its first NYC location on the ground floor of a condo building at 150 Nassau St., just half a block away from City Hall. The Denny's people hope to snag a beer and wine license for the new restaurant, although they are already meeting some resistance from the neighbors. One resident of the condo building tells DNAinfo: "We certainly do not want a Denny's in this building...Maybe a high-end coffee shop or a restaurant, but not a Denny's — people who live here are definitely angry about it."

150 Nassau St. once housed a Taco Bell on the ground floor, but that was when it was an office building, not a luxury condo. The Denny's people postponed their appearance before the CB1 until May. A spokesperson says that the new location is "not set in stone."
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150 Nassau St., New York, NY