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Lafayette Could Start Taking Resys in THREE WEEKS

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A.C.L.O.J.P.'s Noho project Lafayette?the most-anticipated French restaurant opening North of Houston in the first half of 2013?is fully-tiled, has gotten tables, and has even had the windows mysteriously treated, but still no word on an exact opening date. Here's something, though: reservations could open April 15, one-third of the ragtag group of restaurateurs tweets, "I hope/ think/ not sure." For the record, that's just 20(!) days from today.

Meanwhile, chef de cuisine Damon Wise has been tweeting food photos lately. Head that way for some teasers.
· @andrecarmellini [Twitter]
· @damonwise1 [Twitter]
· All Coverage of Lafayatte [~ENY~]


380 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 533-3000 Visit Website


380 Lafayette St., New York, NY