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Tasting Menu Restaurant Opens Inside All Good Things

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When Tribeca food hall All Good Things opened last summer, the owner announced that the space would eventually feature a basement restaurant from Savoy vet Ryan Tate. Now that restaurant, dubbed Le Restaurant, has finally opened. Tribeca Citizen describes the space as a "somewhere between Spartan and Scandinavian." Here's his take on the food:

I'd give seven of the ten items an A- or better, and the lowest grade would've been a lone C. All in all, pretty impressive! The menu and wine list will change constantly, depending on what looks good—the food will not be sourced from the vendors upstairs, as previously indicated—so it's hard to tell from our meal which dishes are more representative of the typical experience.
Le Restaurant only offers a tasting menu (five or six courses) for $100 per person, not including wine or cocktails, and it's only open Tuesday through Saturday. Reservations can be made five days in advance by email (guests must provide their credit card info), but there are a few seats for walk-ins at a small bar. On Heritage Radio last week, Ryan Tate explained: "We're all professional cooks and we know what we're doing, so if you can trust and relax, you'll have a good time."

Will Le Restaurant become the new obsession of the tasting menu enthusiasts of this city? Only time will tell. Check out a full rundown of the menu on Tribeca Citizen.
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Le Restaurant

Things at 102 Franklin St., New York, NY