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LES NIMBYs Ready to Rally Against Soho House

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Unsurprising news from the good ol' Lower East Side: Local residents are not in favor of the Soho House's proposed new outpost in a former funeral home/paper factory. The members-only club has acquired the building and is ready to present its plans to the Community Board next month, but the well-known NIMBY group LES Dwellers is ready to battle it out with Soho House owner's Ron Burkle's minions and billions. On their website, the LES Dwellers say that despite the open houses and M.A.S.H. letters that Soho House has offered neighbors to date, the club is 100 percent private and will offer no real benefit to the community because "only a certain 'public' is welcomed, the rest will be left outside on the street with the riffraff who overtake our neighborhood Wednesday night through Sunday morning," adding that "what you are selling Soho House, the L.E.S. is not buying. Keep it in the Meatpacking!"

The neighborhood is now being plastered with these nifty posters to stir additional support for the battle to stop the liquor license approval, and it will all come to a head next month at the Community Board 3 hearing when the Soho House people attempt to sway the board on why their project will be good for the neighborhood.
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Soho House LES

139 Ludlow St., New York, NY