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What Are These Guys Doing to the Glass at Lafayette?

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Are they putting extra caulk around the edges of the glass so that the pleasant rotisserie chicken smell stays trapped inside the restaurant? Probably. The new French restaurant from the entity known as A.C.L.O.J.P. (Andrew Carmellini, Luke Ostrom, and Josh Pickard) is just a few weeks away from opening to the public. No word yet on whether the back-lit Chinatown Brasserie sign will come down from above the entrance or not. There's a chance — albeit a slim one — that A.C.L.O.J.P. will decide to keep the old sign, kind of like what happened with Acme, just around the corner. In other Lafayette news, it looks like A.C. was working on the baguettes over the weekend.
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380 Lafatyette St., New York, NY