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Cherrywood Kitchen, an American Bistro on Spring Street

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[Daniel Krieger]

Earlier this week, restaurateurs Konstantin Ziring and Vladimir Kuznetsov opened Cherrywood Kitchen, a casual New American restaurant on the corner of Spring and Hudson streets in Hudson Square. The chef here is Chris Cheung, who previously worked at Jean Georges and Nobu. His menu includes dishes like crawfish with Chinese sausage, braised bacon soup, chicken stuffed with eel, duck with sweetbreads, and softshell crabs with baby artichokes. Many of the dishes are cooked with cherrywood smoke. Snacks and appetizers are priced in the low teens, and entrees are in the mid 20s. Take a look at the menu:

Cherrywood Kitchen Dinner by Eater NY

Cherrywood Kitchen
300 Spring Street, New York, NY
Now open for dinner

Cherrywood Kitchen

300 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013 (646) 559-2328