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Jean Georges Is Still Jean Georges Despite Sneaky Hyphen

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Since opening in 1997, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's fine dining gem in the Trump Hotel has gone under the name Jean Georges, no hyphen. But now, it appears that JGV and his crew have made the switch to full hyphen, at least on the restaurant's website, which is full of hyphens. It used to be clear. Man: hyphen. Restaurant: no hyphen. Now the world has been turned upside down.

Could it be that the man and the restaurant now share the same name?

Not quite. A host at Jean No Hyphen Georges tells Eater that, although the website and promotional materials for the restaurant include the hyphen, inside the space there are no hyphens, except when referring to the name of the chef. Writers should continue to use the unhyphenated name when referring to the restaurant, and the hyphenated name when referring to the man. The coat check tickets and signage do not have hyphens on them, just the website.

Perhaps this is some sort of sneaky SEO tactic, or perhaps JGV just wanted to pull a prank on the food writing community. Either way, nicely played JGV. And in case you're wondering, the spring menu includes roasted parsnip ravioli with "coconut jewels" and beet vinaigrette.
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