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Download WineRatings+ for Real-Time Recs


Wine Spectator editors have been making recommendations for over 35 years—creating a library of more than 275,000 trusted scores and tasting notes. Now with Wine Spectator's WineRatings+ app for iPhone, this information can be accessed during the most necessary times. Whether perusing the wine list at a restaurant, or browsing options in a local shop, WineRatings+ makes picking the right bottle seamless.

WineRatings+ features the world's largest database with information on all wine growing regions, including ratings, prices, and notes. The App also offers vintage charts of leading wine regions—a useful tool for novices and experts alike.

Download WineRatings+ for free, or opt to upgrade for just $2.99 per month and receive information on 1,000+ additional wines each month. Check it out
here. >>