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The Critics Agree: Aska's Pig's Blood Cracker is Revolting

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Although many of the big critics love Fredrik Berselius's inventive Nordic-influenced cuisine at Aska, there is one dish on the menu that everyone despises: the cracker made of dried pig's blood, with sea buckthorn jam. This is Aska's real clunker. Here's what the critics are saying about this revolting snack:

Tejal Rao, the Village Voice: "It's harder to see the merit of Berselius's intensity when it's applied to, say, a scabby crisp of pig's blood (making crackers from blood is a neat technique, but it wastes the edge of sweetness, the richness of texture)..." [VV]

Leo Carey, the New Yorker: "[T]he taste of the blood lacks focus and character, so the gimmick satisfies neither gastronomic nor vampiric urges." [New Yorker]

Adam Platt, New York: "They tasted a little like rust, the way fresh blood does, with a back taste of barnyard pork, and we washed them down as quickly as possible with an aquavit creation called Next of Kin..." [NYM/GS]

Pete Wells, the New York Times: "Sea buckthorn berries grow wild near the ocean. They look like tiny orange eggs and have an astringent sourness. Their flavor is mildly pleasant, but not pleasant enough to make dried pig's blood taste like anything other than a healing wound. If this was a snack, it was the kind that Morticia Addams might hand out to unwary trick-or-treaters." [NYT]
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