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Gabe Ulla IN as Eater NY Features Editor; Levi Dalton IN as Eater NY Wine Editor

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It is our great pleasure to announce two new additions to the New York team. Starting today, Gabe Ulla will be working as the Features Editor of Eater NY, and Levi Dalton will be working as the Wine Editor.

For the last three years, Gabe has written thoughtful long form features and dining guides for Eater National. Mr. Ulla has a deep understanding of the New York restaurant scene, and his journalism skills are top-notch. Recently, Gabe surveyed the Sandy-affected restaurants of Red Hook, interviewed Daniel Patterson about tasting menus, and chatted with Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan about his favorite NYC restaurants. We're thrilled that Gabe will be continuing his work here on the New York site.

Before starting the I'll Drink to That podcast, Levi Dalton worked as a sommelier in some of the city's best restaurants. He also wrote hilarious posts about the business on his blog, So You Want to Be a Sommelier? You might have noticed his byline on Eater recently, writing about the short European harvest, understanding whales, and how wine lists have changed over the last decade. We love Levi's insightful take on the New York wine world, and his knowledge of bodega snacks. Gabe and Levi both start today. Follow them @gabeulla and @levi_opens_wine.
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