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Bowery Shocker: Bow Is Already Closed

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Shocking news from the Lower East Side as BOW, the sub basement club that was a partnership between Travis Bass and the EMM Group below the restaurant the General, is closed for good. News leaked over the weekend from Bow's operators, which was Bass's first legitimate home after running a series of short-lived but successful pop-up clubs at various locations all over downtown the past two years, although those always seem to come to an end quickly and under a cloud of mystery. The reason for Bow's Closing seems relatively straightforward?the community's hatred of the General, FINALE and Bow, which has led to a lawsuit between the condo tower and the multi-faceted operation and has EMM Group scrambling to get the community board on their side as they try to get their permits in line with their operations. EMM has even pulled any reference to the club from its website, as a link to the club is now dead.

The community's hatred of this entire project is pretty obvious, but all the while, the General is slowly turning into the operation that EMM promised when the community first conditionally approved the license. The bakery just opened for all day service and they even held a jazz show in the basement just like they promised the community board, even though you can see the old banquette behind the band. Guess the stage isn't quite ready yet.

There is no word on what Travis Bass will do next (Eater is awaiting his comment), but you can bet it will be the hottest club in New York for at least 3 weeks.
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The General

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