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Party With the Franks and Bowien; Duane Park Opens

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CARROLL GARDENS ? Tomorrow at 7 p.m., Mission Chinese Food's Danny Bowien will collaborate with Franks Falcinelli and Castronovo on a series of dishes in Frankies' patio and private party space (the items will also be available in the Prime Meats dining room). The event?open to the public?will have "pork buns" served on Martin's rolls with pickles, chili vinegar, and American cheese for $9, spit-fired cumin goat for $11, a paella with house-made chorizo, shrimp, and pig's head for $13, and pork pizzaiola for $12. 75 cents of each dish sold will benefit the NYC Food Bank. Enter through Prime Meats. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE ? In addition to the other East Village openings reported today, the new version of Duane Park has opened in the Bowery Poetry Club space. The Bowery Poetry part of the operation, running Saturday afternoons, Sundays, and Mondays, should start on March 18. [EV Grieve, DNAinfo]

NOMA WIRE ? Eater National rounds up all of Noma's public statements since news broke about a norovirus outbreak there. The good news: the number one restaurant on the S. Pellegrino list of best restaurant in the world appears to have deep cleaned the place several times, and all food from the time of the outbreak has been destroyed. [Eater National]

SCARSDALE, NY ? File this one under "fun novelty cocktails": Nick Mautone, beverage director at Racanelli's New York Italian, has crafted a thing called the Conclave Cocktail in honor of the papal conclave happening right now in the Vatican. It's red, it's smoky, it's irreverent. [EaterWire]

Duane Park

308 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 (212) 732-5555