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Tales of Kapp?: Chef Paul Carmichael Calls Before Dinner

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Má Pêche recently introduced a mysterious 10-course chef's counter tasting menu experience called Kapp? at Má Pêche. Last week, Eater asked for reports from readers. Julian Brizzi, the restaurateur behind Rucola in Brooklyn, was the first to write in. Take it away Julian:


My wife dined at Kapp? at Má Pêche tonight. Before her dinner, chef Paul Carmichael called personally several times to ask about guest dining preferences, names, and even favorite cocktails (which were presented upon arrival, with everyone's name). The menu was incredible (from her telling, I wasn't present), and the service personable and casual. They were all blown away. One guest, who doesn't eat seafood generally, enjoyed nearly the entire menu, although chef Carmichael provided alternative offerings where appropriate.

We immediately made reservations to go back together in a few weeks. Honestly, I've never heard of a more humble, intimate, and hospitable chef's tasting in my life. We've dined at many of New York's best tasting menu-only restaurants and chef tables, and have had tons of amazing experiences, but to have the chef call you himself to customize your meal is above and beyond. And at $95 for 10 courses, it's an unbelievable deal.

I am not being paid for this endorsement, by the way.



Do you have a Kapp? Tale to tell? Send it to the tipline.
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