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Make Your Nomination for the Hottest Chef in New York

Buttermilk Channel's Ryan Angulo with Boxie the turtle; Photo: Horine

The culinary world's most prestigious and respected competition will take place next Thursday, February 14. That's right, Eaterland's 5th Annual Hottest Chef Competition, is less than a week away. Unlike previous years, when the voting took place over the course of a week, this year, all voting will take place throughout one action packed day of hotness. Your computer screen might melt from all the sexy chef action. It's going to be safe for work, but just barely.

Before we get to all that sexy excitement, we need your help. Send your nominations for the hottest chef in New York along with a picture or link to an image. Only restaurant chefs currently working in the industry are allowed, and the previous year's winner (in this case Junoon's Vikas Khanna) is not permitted to enter. Here's a picture of Buttermilk Channel's Ryan Angulo with his turtle. Ryan is looking like a strong contender right now.

Nominations are due on Monday, after which they will be culled and seeded. Then the games will begin.
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Buttermilk Channel

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The Meatball Shop - Lower East Side

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