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Restaurants That Closed for Good Because of Sandy

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News broke this weekend that Governor, the Dumbo restaurant by the owners of Gran Electrica and Colonie, will not reopen after being completely gutted by Hurricane Sandy. The restaurant was only five months old and less than two months removed from a glowing two-start review from Times critic Pete Wells, making this the highest-profile Sandy-related shutter yet. But it's not the first.

The list is thankfully short at the moment because so few are confirmed to have shuttered, but it will be updated regularly as necessary. Anyone with additional intel, especially from under-covered places like the Rockaways or Staten Island, should hit the tipline or the comments, and stay tuned for an update to the map of restaurants that are still closed but trying to reopen.

· Governor: announced this weekend it would not return
· Sequoia NY: from a post on its (now-deleted) Facebook page: "After the damage from Hurricane Sandy and our lease coming to an end, the decision has been made to close Sequoia a little earlier than intended." Sequoia's website is also down.
· Barbarini Alimentari: will not reopen in the Seaport
· Almondine, Park Slope: the Park Slope outlet of Hervé Pousset's Dumbo bakery has been put on the market
· Kasadela: will not reopen

Added February 6:
· Cha Cha's: the Coney Island stalwart says it's officially closed
· Good Burger, Maiden Lane: closed for good, will become a location of the P.J. Clarke's spinoff Clarke's Standard
· Boom: this Soho spot shuttered after sustaining $100,000 in kitchen damage

Added February 19:
· The space housing Salud Tapas in the South Street Seaport is now for rent.

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