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Shuttered Bridge Cafe Starts Fundraising Campaign

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The legendary Bridge Cafe is still down for the count three months after Hurricane Sandy. Back in December, proprietor Adam Weprin noted that it would cost between $300,000 and $400,000 to rebuild the space over the course of three to five months. Now, the Bridge Cafe team is asking for donations from fans to help get the doors back open. From the Bridge Cafe's new fundraising page:

The building, New York City's oldest commercial wood frame, needs 85 percent of its wood support in the basement replaced; in addition all of our mechanicals were destroyed. We are in need of new ovens, stoves, all refrigeration, and all electric, new floors in dining room and in the kitchen. Unfortunately, we are located in flood zone A, no insurance!

There are very fair loans, but more over-head will truly put us in danger of a permanent close. All of this work will cost about three hundred to four hundred thousand dollars.

Bridge Cafe is New York's oldest bar. Follow them on @Bridgecafenyc for updates on the rebuild.
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Bridge Cafe

279 Water St., New York, NY