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Alain Ducasse Hints at Plans for a New NYC Restaurant

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Last fall, legendary chef Alain Ducasse closed his Midtown fine dining restaurant Adour in the St. Regis hotel after five years in business. Ducasse did not offer an explanation as to why he decided to shut it down. But now, in a chat with Richard Vines, he sheds some light on the shuttering of Adour, and he hints at plans for another restaurant in New York City. The chef notes:

Adour is over: It's a liberation...It was very difficult with the restaurant and the hotel being unionized. It was becoming impossible to operate a restaurant, so it's good news. We're looking for somewhere now, but not in a hotel.
Ducasse's Midtown bistro Benoit is still going strong. The chef is currently opening a restaurant in Qatar where he will be serving braised camel with foie gras and truffle sauce.
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