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Governor Owners to Refund Post-Sandy Donations

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Governor by Krieger

When news broke that Governor, the popular Dumbo restaurant from the Colonie team, would not be able to reopen after being devastated by Hurricane Sandy, many wondered what would happen to the funds raised to help the rebuilding process. They reached out this afternoon with a statement answering that question, saying that the donations made through their crowdfunding campaign and various fundraising events will be refunded.

Here's the statement in full:

To all who donated so generously to help us realize our vision of rebuilding, we cannot thank you enough and we are forever grateful. The myriad concerns related to ending a business have made this process complicated and difficult. However, we plan to refund everyone who donated to our cause via GoFundMe, community and industry-related fundraisers as soon as possible. We truly regret that we were not able to bring Governor back to DUMBO.
Stay tuned for further updates.
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