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The Early Word on Chicken & Waffles Palace Sweet Chick

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Daniel Krieger

Williamsburg newcomer Sweet Chick specializes in chicken and waffles. The menu also includes things like a kale salad, a pickle plate, mac and cheese, "sloppy duck" sliders, and a $32 dry-aged ribeye. Several diners have already filed reviews of the week-old restaurant. Although most people like the signature dish, some people complain about the drinks, the prices, and a few of the menu items. Here's what early diners are saying about Sweet Chick:

The Good News: On her blog Random Musings, Abigail Ekue writes: "I ordered the Chicken and Bacon and Cheddar Waffles. My concern is that they'd be too cheesy, overwhelming and too much of a departure from traditional chicken and waffles. They weren't. They also weren't crispy on the outside and soft on the inside like I prefer but they were tasty anyway. I didn't use a drop of syrup or the flavored butters. In fact, I ate that entire meal with my hands — the ultimate compliment, Sweet Chick. The chicken was juicy and flavorful, the batter was thin and well seasoned. Brooklyn has a new contender..." [Random Musings]

The Very Good News: One Yelp reviewer likes the "quaint" atmosphere and the "saucy tunes," and raves that "the food was all kinds of down home goodness." In particular, she loves the choice of waffles that come with the chicken: "You can do sweet, cheesy or savory. We opted for the mushroom and rosemary waffles and smothered them with syrup and butter. Such a naughty snack but oh, so worth it. I recommend you cut a bit of the waffle, slather on some of the chive butter, stack on a piece of chicken and then dunk the whole thing in the miniature bucket of syrup." [Yelp]

The Vegetarian News: Vanessa of the blog Yummy Brooklyn tries the seitan version of the fried chicken, while her friend orders the classic chicken & waffles: "We each found our version of the signature dish to be crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. And while Ilana was jonesing for some hot sauce to give her chicken some more heat, my veggie chicken had an awesome kick to it as is. In any case, we both happily cleaned our plates." Meat-eater Ilana also loves the sloppy duck sliders: "I love a good old fashioned sloppy joe! And it doesn't show up on menus nearly often enough. Their version, featuring duck, is delicious, delicious, delicious without being the least bit pretentious!" [Yummy Brooklyn]

The Okay News: Like several reviewers, this Yelper can't help but compare it to Pies 'N' Thighs: "I felt that the meal was overpriced, especially for the area. The drinks were definitely overpriced, all over $11 which for places on Bedford is a tad steep. I got the sweet chick basket, had to pay extra for the fries (even though it was the same price as the slaw that came with the meal — no substitutions) which were more of 'crisps' than 'shoestring fries.' The chicken was okay, but definitely not as good as Pies 'N' Thighs." [Yelp]

The Bad News: Several reviews mention the strict cole slaw policy, but that is the least of this Yelp reviewer's complaints: "Went there tonight with big expectations. Here's the low down. I ordered the chicken basket which comes with a biscuit and coleslaw. If you don't like coleslaw too substitutions. Even talked to the manager who wouldn't budge. Two pieces of the chicken were not cooked enough and the crispy outside is lacking in flavor and is not wedded to the meat. Very disappointing. The one bright star was the lemon meringue - a real stunner. Lastly, this place is not adds up and frankly it's not worth it!" [Yelp]

The "So Brooklyn" News: Brendan Spiegel over at Brooklyn Based is turned off by the drink menu: "[A]n Arnold Palmer iced tea-lemonade soda is made exclusively for the restaurant by Brooklyn Soda Works (okay, we're intrigued) and then ruined by mixing it with super-syrupy Jack Daniels Honey (why?????). The signature Sweet Chick cocktail ticks off all the right boxes–locally-made Bootlegger vodka, watermelon infused, spicy brown sugar rim–yet tastes like it was mixed by a freshman Kappa pledge." As for the food, most of it "feels, like the reclaimed-wood setting itself, a little Brooklyn-by-design." But Sweet Chick still pulls through where it counts: "[T]he marquee draw here–the fried chicken–delivers. Crisp, golden skin is achieved uniformly on both legs and breasts, which are moist and juicy all the way through to the center, not a dry piece of white meat to be found–a rare find, even with fried chicken on dozens of Brooklyn menus nowadays. I'd go so far as to say that the bird here competes with the best of the borough, on par with Buttermilk Channel and Pies and Thighs." [Brooklyn Based]

The Foursquare News: Nora W: "Fried chicken & bacon cheddar waffles? Yes please. Crack jar for dessert? Oh my. And don't even get me started on the purple drank cocktail. Service was tops. Look out Pies & Thighs..." Angela: "The fried chicken with the bacon and cheddar waffles is pretty dope. And not greasy!" Steven B: "Get the chicken and bacon cheddar waffles with a genny can. It's the tits!" Jeff S.: "Purple drank is where it's at!" [Foursquare]

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— Marguerite Preston

Sweet Chick

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Sweet Chick

164 Bedford Ave., New York, NY

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