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This Rap Song About Bagels Name Drops Lenny's, H & H

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Here's a rap video about New York City bagels that is exactly what one would expect of a rap video about New York City bagels. There's an older guy eating a bagel, a younger guy (the rapper Noah Souder-Russo) smearing cream cheese on a bagel and rapping about it, another guy wearing a bagel like bling, and a dude holding a toaster oven like a boombox.

The song?from 2010, but posted to Reddit this morning and picked up by Gothamist?also features shout outs for Murray's Bagels in Greenwich Village, Lenny's on 98th, and, showing the video's age, H & H.

Video: NSR - Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly

· NSR - Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly (Official Video) [Vimeo]
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