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Shadow Owner Vows to Return 'Bigger, Badder & Blacker'

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Former Shadow nightclub owner Steven Juliano may have closed his troubled club and be dying of pancreatic cancer, but that has not dampened his fighting spirit. Juliano is trying to sell the space to Provocateur owner Mike Satsky, and he is also threatening to dump millions of dollars into the club and reopen Shadow if the community board tries to interfere in the sale by rejecting Satsky's license application. Juliano tells DNA Info that he will "dump money into [Shadow] and torment these people. We will come back with a bigger, badder and blacker Shadow nightclub — and trust me, they'll really hate that last part," a reference to the alleged racism of the club's neighbors.

Satsky says that he plans to invest millions into the space and is planning on opening a larger venue than Provocateur that will allow them to host bigger events.
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Shadow Nightclub

229 W. 28th Street, New york, NY

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