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Cobble Hill Restaurant Wins Creepy Plywood Award

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Photo: Lockhart Steele

Real talk: is this the creepiest restaurant plywood ever? This is from the space that used to be Broken English in Cobble Hill. For context, signs like that one are plastered all over the place. The new restaurant (supposed to open today, but that seems unlikely?) is called Jarro. But who is Jarro? WHO IS JARRO?

And why does it say "xiv" next to Jarro's name?

Here's some possibilities. Jarro is:

· The misspelled nickname for a dormant volcano in Tanzania
· Jiro's cousin
· A magical place full of rib-eye steaks, kale, and adorable pasta-making elves
· Louis XIV's lesser-known cousin
· Smooth like silk
· The girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party
· The 14th leader of a secret Brooklyn cult that goes all the way back to Dirk Volkertson "Jarro I" de Noorman
· Inside all of us
· The protagonist in Benh Zeitlin's follow-up to his 2012 hit fantasy film Beasts of the Southern Wild, tentatively called Brutes of the Northeastern Suburbs
· Andrew Knowlton's favorite new restaurant of 2013
· A mysterious restaurant taking over the former location of Broken English

Whoever Jarro is, he doesn't answer his phone right now, so put your own guesses in the comments.
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68 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY

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