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Flo Fab Joins Twitter, Drops Some Serious Knowledge

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The New York Times' incomparable and ageless font of knowledge Flo Fab joined Twitter on February 16, with a bio that reads, "Do you have a dining etiquette question? Get your elbows off the table and ask." In the five days since joining, she's sent six tweets out into the ether (plus a couple retweets), each time dropping some hints and tips aimed at helping make the dining experience just a little bit better.

At the moment, Flo Fab has only 458 followers, and that is just not enough. Seriously, go follow her and ask some etiquette questions. See what you're missing below.

Do scented candles belong in restaurants?

What's good etiquette for email invites?

How do you pronounce the plural form of Bordeaux?

And Flo Fab used the occasion of her very first tweet to discuss proper etiquette on using toothpicks given to you by restaurants:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you introduce yourself to Twitter.
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