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New York Gets Snubbed in JBFA Wine Category

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Do restaurant wine programs in New York City still lead the country? The James Beard Foundation doesn't seem to think so. After dominating the Foundation's Outstanding Wine Service Award with four straight wins beginning in 2008, a New York City restaurant failed to place in 2013 for a single one of the 20 semifinalist slots allotted to what is now known as the Outstanding Wine Program Award. This is the second year in a row that NYC has suffered a snub, as no area venues were named as finalists for the award in 2012 either, when a restaurant in Boston was named the winner.

Should we chalk this up to the shrinking wines lists exhibited at many new NYC restaurants? Well, no. The award is designated for restaurants that have been open for five or more years, so the 2013 nominations would apply to businesses that opened before 2008, the recession, and the vogue for food trucks.
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