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Post-Sandy Outlook not Good for Seaport's Salud Tapas

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Like everywhere in the Seaport, Salud was heavily damaged in Hurricane Sandy, its Beekman Street space taking on about 15 feet of water. The tapas restaurant's owners initially hoped to reopen with the help of a Gofundme campaign, though it now looks like the restaurant is done for good. DNAinfo reports that, while owners didn't respond to requests for comment, the storefront is now officially for rent.

Right now it seems like a mixed bag for the Seaport, where residents and many businesses are still a long time from returning. A sizable handful of businesses?including Jeremy's Ale House, Acqua, and Mark Joseph Steakhouse?have been able to reopen. Many of the shops and restaurants on Historic Front Street have been given a May 1 reopening date by their landlord, the Durst Corporation, and vital signs look good for Paris Café on Peck Slip. Meanwhile, Salud and Barbarini are among the handful of New York City restaurants that will not reopen after sustaining damage in last October's hurricane.
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Salud Tapas

142 Beekman St., New York, NY