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Magnolia Bakery Remains Closed Due to Mouse Problems

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Remember when the DOH shut down Magnolia Bakery's West Village location on Valentine's Day? Well, turns out it wasn't because of "structural" issues or a disdain for festive cupcakes, but rather due to evidence of live mice, rats, and flies. During an initial health inspection back in January, the store was hit with 19 violation points and was given roughly a month to remedy those issues. When the DOH dropped by unannounced on Thursday to re-inspect the Bleecker Street store, things had gotten worse. The bakery racked up 49 points, including five "critical" violations, resulting in the flagship store being shut down on its busiest day of the year.

So how did these vermin get into the bakery? Sara Gramling, a spokeswoman for the cupcake chain, tells the Post that "because of the flooding [from Hurricane Sandy], a lot of mice have moved inward, and that was the issue that was found in the basement." The silver lining of this whole ordeal (if there is one) is that the mice were apparently confined to the basement and did not not affect the food prep or service areas.

A call to the bakery confirms that the Bleecker Street shop remains closed, but a employee of the store tells Eater that they are working hard to get the place rodent-free and up to code. Exterminators were at the bakery all day yesterday, and staff members are working to resolve the other reported violations. They hope to reopen by this evening once an inspector gives them the green light.

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