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Lenox Lounge Landlord Sues Former Operator Alvin Reed

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The landlord of the Lenox Lounge space, Ricky Edmonds, is suing former operator Alvin Reed for $50 million for stripping the bar of its iconic fixtures when he left on New Year's Day. In a bizarre twist, the lawsuit alleges that Reed hired security guards to pose as police officers while Reed's workers carted off the bar and other fixtures in the space so that Edmonds would not intervene. According to court documents, Reed's workers removed the bar and "165 dime-store ashtrays" that were affixed to the ceiling, and they allegedly vandalized the bar's iconic zebra-striped wallpaper.

Yesterday, Reed's lawyer told a Manhattan Supreme Court judge: "My client actually owns most of the property inside the Lenox Lounge...The things that were affixed remain." Reed is planning to open a new version of Lenox Lounge a few blocks away, and Richie Notar will open a new restaurant in the space later this year. When asked about the dispute last month, Richie Notar told the Times: "It's between the two of them. I don't want to be brought in. I really hope they resolve it." The parties have another court date next month.
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Lenox Lounge

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