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FYI: Michael Chernow Is Not Eligible for Hottest Chef

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Sam Horine

Although he makes meatballs, and he is the co-author of a popular cookbook, Michael Chernow is not, technically, a chef. He's a restaurateur. The Eater inbox was flooded with Hottest Chef nominations for Michael over the last week. But chapter five, section 16 of the Hottest Chef Rulebook (ISBN 13: 978-0062231372) states that no restaurateur should be allowed into the proceedings. There may, at some point, be a hottest restaurateurs competition on Eater, but today, we're just focusing on the hot hash slingers of this fine city, not the smooth operators.

To console the members of the Chernow Appreciation Society — of which there are many — here, now, is a gallery of his greatest hits:

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The Meatball Shop - Lower East Side

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