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New York Chefs and Critics Debate Restaurant Wages

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Tom Colicchio sparked a heated debate on Twitter this morning about restaurant industry wages. Presumably, this was a reaction to the talk during last night's State of the Union Address about raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour. Last night, Colicchio Tweeted: "$9.00 an hour national minimum wage would go a long way to end hunger for 50 million Americans that are food insecure." This morning, he added that it would "cause inflation in theory" but "it will be such a small influence that it's virtually negligible."

Pete Wells responded, asking Colicchio for his thoughts on whether this should apply to servers, who make tips. Several chefs and restaurateurs have since joined in on the conversation. Here's the play by play:

Chef Sara Jenkins joins the conversation:

And the team from Northern Spy Food Co.:

Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton joins the fray:

Do you have anything to add to the conversation? Throw your thoughts in the comments.

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