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EMM Withdraws App to Move Dance Space at 199 Bowery

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The EMM Group reportedly dominated the beginning of last night's CB3 SLA Committee meeting, where partners Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum spent the meeting's first two hours defending their application to move the primary dance space at their 199 Bowery multi-sensory experience from the basement to the main floor. This appearance came after repeated allegations that the application was a "bait-and-switch," with the group attempting to "retroactively legalize" the main floor's Finale, which had already been operating as a club even though initial approval was for dancing just in the basement.

Bowery Boogie reports that Remm and Birnbaum argued for the switch by saying that the basement?currently home to the club Bow?can't be adequately soundproofed and that Finale is a better fit for the thumping bass. A handful of residents from 199 Bowery reportedly spoke out against the application, though a couple other folks spoke in favor. One of those speaking in favor turned out to be an EMM Group employee. Remm reportedly also said that the soundproofing mistake was because they're just "naive dreamers."

The application resulted in a hung jury, and EMM withdrew the app rather than hanging around until the end of the meeting for a decision on it. Stay tuned for a full report on last night's eventful meeting later today.
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