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In a Bold Move, 2 Bros. Plans Shop Next to Vinny Vincenz

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Dollar slice chain 2 Bros. Pizza is about to open a new shop next to venerable East Village pizza parlor Vinny Vincenz. As you can see from the photo above, Vinny Vincenz just added dollar slices to the menu in a desperate attempt to keep up with the competition. But really, there should be no competition here: Vinny Vincenz serves one of Downtown Manhattan's best utilitarian slices. The regular $2.50 slice is easily three or four times better than one of those crummy pieces of wet cardboard served at 2 Bros., or at any of the other dollar slice joints in the area. The block already has a dollar slice joint anyway, so now there will be two pizzerias serving lousy pizza on the same block as Vinny Vincenz.

How many more of these lame-o pizza shops can New York support?
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Vinny Vincenz

231 1st Ave, New York, NY

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