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Restaurateurs: State Misled on Sandy Unemployment Bill

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Luke's Lobster, still closed from Sandy.
Luke's Lobster, still closed from Sandy.

The New York State Restaurant Association has called out the Cuomo administration, saying the state government misled restaurant owners on the sorts of assistance out-of-work employees could be eligible for after Hurricane Sandy, leaving them on the hook for post-Sandy unemployment claims. According to a letter sent by the association to the state Department of Labor, restaurateurs were told after the storm to sign up their employees for federal assistance, though federal guidelines require states to first see if these workers are first eligible for state benefits. A separate letter sent by the owners of Luke's Lobster alleges the same thing, saying that they were told the employees' relief benefits would be paid by FEMA though it's now coming out of their unemployment insurance account.

A spokesman for the Department of Labor basically tells Crain's, "Nuh-uh," saying that the Department said all along that employees couldn't pursue Federal aid without first checking for state eligibility.
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