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TipsForJesus Leaves a $7,000 Tip at The Nomad

Photo: Instagram/TipsforJesus

Anonymous do-gooder TipsForJesus hit up Daniel Humm and Will Guidara's The Nomad last night. A rep for the restaurant confirms that the Banksy of Gratuity did indeed leave a $7,000 tip on a $2,994 tab. The Nomad team also notes that he was an "incredible" guest, even before he whipped out the Amex. As Eater National points out, TipsForJesus is probably a group effort — big tips were left in both New York and Punta Mita, Mexico on the same night this week — but so far, this mysterious team has randomly left more than $80,000 in tips at various restaurants across the country.
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NoMad Restaurant

1170 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 212 796 1500

The Nomad

1170 Broadway, New York, NY