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Steve Cuozzo Unleashes Torrent of Year-End Dining Gripes

Post critic Steve Cuozzo ends the year with a bang by offering a list of gripes about the current state of dining in New York. Cuozzo writes: "Poor 2013 wore out its welcome by Labor Day — a year that saw a handful of great new restaurants outnumbered 6-1 by $500-a-head counter-seating places, pretentious tasting-menu joints and no-reservations dumps closely modeled on mosh pits."

His 16-point list includes mini-rants about oxtail, truffle oil, marrow dishes, "artsy-fartsy plating," tacos, "designer goombah cuisine," Caipirinhas, steakhouses, pricey wine pairings, tasting counters, and overwrought desserts. Do take a minute to read the whole thing.
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