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Friends of Eater Offer Headline Predictions for 2014

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As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered best standbys, top newcomers, biggest dining surprises, best meals, and break-ups. Now, headline predictions for 2014.
Q: What Are Your Headline Predictions for 2014?
Kat Kinsman, Eatocracy managing editor:
· Fieri to Open Multi-Level Party Barn Adjacent to Barclays Center
· Wells Awards Three Stars to New Missy Robbins-Helmed Restaurant (I have no idea what she's actually doing next, but I can dream)
· Year of the Female Chef

Kate Krader, Food & Wine restaurant editor: *More awesome Italian: Starting with Mario Carbone doing seafood under the Highline. Rich Torrisi in the East Village at the Ludlow hotel (crosstown competition!). I think/hope some more great Italian chefs will open projects soon.

*Impatiently waiting for John Fraser's vegetable place; for Ivan Ramen to open downtown and for Mission Chinese to re-open.

*And in the random department – biscuits and bagels in 2014.

Bret Thorn, Nation's Restaurant News senior editor: Dining public realizes eating quinoa is a form of punishment.

Ben Leventhal, Eater co-founder: Big year for Fraser at Standard East. Maybe '14 is the year we actually, really start talking about Queens (due respect, Dan Saltzstein). Post-Pastis Meatpacking is a very different place.

Joe DiStefano, Chopsticks + Marrow blogger:
· McDonald's Introduces Ramen Burger Salad Fajitas
· Guy Fieri Goes Vegan, Opens Chain of Kundalini Cafes
· Move Over Cronut, the Arinicinnabon is Here
· Hugue Dufour Opens M. Swells a Floating Tiki Bar

Nick Solares, Serious Eats meat bureau chief, amNY features writer, and publisher of Beef Aficionado:
· The White Tablecloth Strikes Back
· Small Plates Get Smaller, Large Format Feasts Get Larger
· Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr Return in a Big Way
· Three Sparklers for All'onda

Gabriella Gershenson, Every Day with Rachael Ray food features editor: Mexico Rising--Enrique Olvera, Alex Stupak, Dan Kluger & Danny Bowien Redefine Mexican Food in New York City. And, a wishful headline prediction: Revenge of the Food Goddesses: The Ladies of the Food World Break the Culinary Glass Ceiling.

Kim Davis, The Pink Pig: Liebrandt's Future Undecided (sadly).

Charlotte Druckman, author and senior editor at Medium: Howard Chua-Eoan pens children's book about women chefs.

Ryan Sutton, Bloomberg critic: Ex-Gwynnett St chef Owen Clark opens a high-end Brooklyn or Manhattan tasting menu restaurant and it's packed every night. Gwynnett St. owner Carl McCoy keeps his East Williamsburg venue relevant with a solid bar program and scores big by selling whiskey bread to the masses. At least two more San Francisco restaurants get THREE Michelin stars. We all review more restaurants run by women.

Danyelle Freeman, Restaurant Girl: Uni is going to be huge. It's already creeping onto menus all over the city, and not just at Japanese joints. There's an uni & lobster Risotto at Marea, another uni risotto at Bar Masa, and Kingside's got a tuna crudo with uni vinaigrette, to name just a few uni-inspired dishes I've spotted around town lately. I also think 2014 will be the year of the rabbit… on every menu. And we'll see more uber local sourcing, everything from arugula & tomatoes grown in restaurant gardens to honey made on a neighboring rooftop and cheese made just down the street.

Foster Kamer, senior editor at Complex:
"I Ate This Sushi, But It Was Raw—Does This French Chef Think I'm A Goddamn Caveman?" - Henry Blodget, Business Insider
"LOL! 37 Ways To Tell You're Dying From Fugu Poisoning" - Buzzfeed Food
"Confession: I've Actually Been Keeping Kosher For The Last Six Years" - Josh Orzersky,
"How To Get To Ridgewood" - NYT Sunday Styles (4Q, 2014)
"N Plus Xanthan Gum: Molecular Dinner Reading Series Nights Rage Wild in Brooklyn" - NYT Thursday Styles
"Restaurant of the Year: The Russ & Daughters Cafe" - Me, in twelve months, on whatever website or bathroom wall will have me.
"Barely Bushwick Acquired by Vox Media" - Barely Bushwick Dot Tumblr Dot Com

Scott Solish, Eater nightlife editor:
· McNally Does Brooklyn
· Ma Peche Throws In The Towel
· Joe Beef Expands To New York

Levi Dalton, Eater wine editor: Sommelier slices off multiple fingers in freak sabering accident: he thinks two are still unaccounted for, but is having trouble counting.

Amanda Kludt, Eater editorial director:
· Dining Neighborhood of the Year Goes to Extra Place
· Alex Stupak Opens a Tortilla Factory
· All Hail the Return of Steve Hanson
· Shake Shack Tokyo

Robert Sietsema, Eater contributing editor: Many sit-down restaurants have simply become too expensive for average people to eat in them very often; there will be lots of new dining "concepts" on the horizon, and more eat-and-run and carryout places flaunting invented kinds of food in cross-cultural categories. There will be even more food courts, where mini-versions of restaurants basically pool the costs.

Mimi Sheraton, former Times restaurant critic: A very tough year for expensive restaurants what with lots of economic belt-tightening.

Joshua David Stein, Observer critic and Eater contributor: Chef Danny Bowien hospitalized, collapsed under weight of hype. Chef Alexander Smalls asphyxiates due to lack of buzz

Jay Pascual, The Food Doc: With young culinary talent finding it difficult to gain support here in the city, especially as investors hedge their bets and fund the big stars and known quantities, I fear a culinary "Brain Drain" is imminent for New York.

Marguerite Preston, Eater NY associate editor: LIC is the new Greenpoint. Rotisserie chickens and high-end food courts are all the rage. Deviled eggs-only single dish restaurant fails to live up to the hype.

Jordana Rothman, veteran food editor/cocktail expert: More feverish coverage of hybridized junk food. Salt and vinegar Taco Bell shells. Masterchef: Embyro debuts on FOX.

Marc Shepherd, NY Journal blogger: Danny Bowien opens Mission Steak on the Lower East Side. David Chang opens Momofuku Steak in the East Village. Andy Ricker opens Pok Pok Steak in Red Hook. Jean-Georges Vongerichten (re)opens V Steak in a midtown hotel; this time, it doesn't flop. Daniel Boulud opens DB Taco at Lincoln Center.

Matt Rodbard, Food Republic contributing editor: 24 Reasons Your Dad Is Now A Happy Vegan.

Michael Kaminer, Daily News critic: The two biggest restaurant openings in my own neighborhood have been TGIFriday's and IHOP. With that in mind, I predict Denny's will cause a frenzy when it finally opens in Manhattan.

Darin Bresnitz, Snacky Tunes/Finger on the Pulse: More comfort meets high end restaurants and organic, hip wine bars.

Erik Torkells, Tribeca Citizen: A decent sit-down restaurant opened in the Financial District! A guy can dream....

Greg Morabito, Eater NY editor:
· Urban Daddy and Dominique Ansel Team Up for the Bro-Nut
· Jean-Georges Announces Plans for ABC Cucina, ABC Samovar, and ABC Hoffbrau
· Pooch Critic Gives Four Paws to East Village Dog Food Restaurant
· For His Final Film, Scorsese Adapts the Gwynnett St. Story
· Bushwick Restaurant Serves Leftovers From Manhattan Restaurants

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